Our full length season classes meet weekly from September to May. 

Students enrolled in the full length season wrap up their year with our annual dance productions help at the Fairmont Opera House.

Please refer to the class schedule and rates page for class age breakdown, class times and tuition.

Required dancewear and shoes will be available at "Back To Dance Dayz" held in August. 

Please refer to Class Dress Code page for attire details.



This class combines two styles that are sure to become your child's favorites! 

A fun and spirited paced class, our hip hop and tumbling combo class is the perfect

introduction to these styles for young dancers.  We will focus on rhythm, musicality and beginner hip hop skills.  Come get jazzy! 

This class is a great starting point to learn the fundamentals of tumbling like bridges, front roll, back roll on wedge and cartwheels.

Fun music along with flexibility, balance, control and strengthening skills will keep your young one on the move.  We know most boys do not have much

interest in ballet and we understand.  That's what makes this class great for boys who like to dance and want to pursue theirinterest without ballet. :) 

Students will perform a hip hop routine and a tumbling act in the year end dance productions.



Our combination classes give dance students a solid foundation in tap and ballet.  These classes combine song and dance for a fun and exciting class. Creative movement concepts and use of many different props add a fun flare to class.  Many song and dance routines will be taught for each style to improve the dancer's memory work and to have fun while learning their technique.   Be ready for fun dance skill building and team work games. We will incorporate basic tumbling skills and parachute exercises into our class from time to time as a great way to s-t-r-e-t-c-h and increase our strength.  We introduce ballet barre work to build our strength and gracefulness.  In addition to many center and across the floor combinations we will learn a complete routine for each dance style to be performed in the end of the season productions.

POINTE  45 MINUTE CLASS (Enrollment By Teacher Recommendation Only)

Commonly known as “toe”, this form of dance has young ballerinas dreaming of their first pair of pretty pink toe shoes. Pointe work takes an incredible amount of training, strength and dedication. As the growth of a dancer’s feet plays a large part as to when a dancer is ready to begin pointe work, we require dancers to be at least 11 years old. Because pointe is not a separate dance form but an extension of ballet training, dancers should have completed at least two years of ballet before attempting pointe. Pointe requires adequate strength and conditioning. Dancers enrolled in pointe are required to also attend a 75 minute combination tap, ballet and jazz class. By attending at least two classes a week, a dancer’s body will stay strong enough to support the demands of pointe. Pointe dancers will begin their training with many strengthening exercises at the ballet barre. We will advance to across the floor combinations and full routines. Dancers will perform a pointe routine in the season ending productions. 



Class time combines barre work, across the floor and center combinations to help us build our skill vocabulary.  The tap portion of class is designed to develop rhythm, flexibility, coordination and speed. Jump into jazz where we will explore current dance trends like hip hop, funk and lyrical. It is fun, exciting and challenging! Ballet is the ever so important dance form from which all styles evolve from. We will focus on posture, gracefulness and proper ballet technique and skills. Popular music makes increasing our dance skill and vocabulary enjoyable. Dancers will learn complete routines for tap, ballet and hp hop to present at the year end dance productions.


Photo By Seifried Portrait Design, Fairmont